AMD is trying to make gaming graphics cards that are not interested in miners

Information appeared on the network that AMD is preparing to release budget gaming video cards RX 6500XT and RX 6400. Both models will be equipped with GDDR6 memory with 4GB of video memory on board. This amount of memory is still enough for games, but not enough for normal crypto mining.

In addition, a 64-bit bus will be placed inside, and the cache memory will be reduced to 16 gigabytes. This also negatively affects performance, but mostly for mining algorithms, not gameplay.

Presumably, the release of video cards is scheduled for the first half of 2022. The cost of the new RX has not been disclosed, but it should be assumed that speculators will continue to increase prices for "non-mining" cards (for example, the current GTX 1030, 1050 and 1650).


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