GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition at the center of a gaming scandal

The expected re-release from Rockstar called GTA Trilogy came out extremely ridiculous and caused a rather big scandal around itself. The game attracted such attention because of the unacceptable quality of a product from a well-known office. Not only are the changes in the new version minimal, but it is also impossible to launch the game on PC from the native store.

Players massively began to lower the rating of the GTA collection, as well as recall purchased copies. As a result, the game was removed from the market altogether as a temporary measure. On consoles, the situation turned out to be a little better, where the game can be purchased and launched without problems.

For reference, let's cancel that experienced users have already hacked the source code and posted a working version on torrents, which can be downloaded for free. The cost of the re-release cannot be surprising either, for three classic games they ask for a full $ 70.


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